Dr. Rodia spoke to Lazio Style Channel after the match against Vitesse.

"Nani is a very experienced pro. He already had injuries along his career and he’s absolutely able to understand every indication. He felt something in the upper thigh and he decided to stop. We immediately ran the protocol and we’re gonna screen him right away so to rightly evaluate in the next 36-48 hours what happened.

Both felipe Caicedo and Wallace are back to practice and we’re testing them in the past 2 days all seem good for their recovering.

DIGennaro had a 2nd degree lesion to his adductor, he needs time to get well, everything is running smoothly.

Everybody else, especially those who played the derby were given an off game and they’re all well, from Radu to Immobile, to Parolo and Leiva and we can say everything is going on well".