After the match against Vicenza, coach Andrea Bonatti spoke to Lazio Style Channel.

"Mathematically it is a point gained because we honestly did not deserve even to tie it, if you watch the performance as a whole, it is clearly a back step which has a single responsible, who I am. If it does not work virtually anything, neither the system nor the defensive midfield filter or offensive developments it means that I have not been able, in these two weeks, albeit in very specific environmental contexts, to give the right concepts and the right determination. We were not used to play at 11am, however, I had asked to not, but the clubs have agreed on this, but it cannot be this aspect to have affected our performance. I asked a sacrifice to my kids to get up early to prepare for the game, playing in the morning it is not like playing in the afternoon, since it is a subjective fact, from the physiological point of view they need more time to get in gear. It did not go well and I regret this because I am that I have not been able to prepare a properly match.

From the technical point of view, it affects very much the fact that we are forced to train on synthetic fields that do not facilitate us in the speed of transmission of the ball and the ability to express the rhythm. Today happens to be the first time that one of our players had cramps, never happened until now. From a tactical point of view, we made some mistakes in going to take the man between the lines, and I chose to play three because of it, because 2 you can not if you play with the central ball-pointed vertically you can not take it. At 3 it must be one of the two side defenders who breaks the line and comes to take it. We did it but too late and this has caused the restarts especially in the second half by the Vicenza. From an energy point of view it can affect the fact of stopping, as well as the fact that he played in the morning to which we are not accustomed.

I thought that, after having struggled so much, in football games happen so where you do not deserve and go ahead, a long ball gets before Rossi, a header, a Hassan shot goes in, maybe a more focused, more determined chance on a ball in the box, but I thought no more about the law of written football. If you struggle so much can happen that you win. In the coming days I will check how it can be changed our ranking even after the matches played by the other teams. I hope they all stay close because we did not expect probably such a beginning as well. I have the bad attitude of being proud and I hardly accept this as a good start point but just a point from which to start today because we've done something not up to the growth we've had.

Blame the coach. Because the coach was very nervous today. I am sincere, honest, I recognize that it was I who transmit excessive voltage to my team. I also said to the guys before, I apologized about this because we have not took the ball away in the first few minutes, we had this excessive will to go forward that made us lose lucidity and basically created opportunities for others. Because even when I called the restart, Michael Folorunsho, who lost the ball from which the key episode was born, perhaps with a bit of extra attention, the boys could run it better themselves. "