Alessio Miceli told Lazio Style Channel (Sky 233).

"It had been an important test for us, in a week we open the season and with this game we got some pace, we were missing our nationals but in first squads we still had important guys, it’s been a good game where we tried to play as our manger told us, though they’re stronger than us and we hope to be ready to use the hints in our league. We started 5 weeks ago our conditioning and we’re working good going to the match with Chievo. We’re a brand new group, we changed many players and we are working well with the coach turning on the field his teachings, and I’m sure we’ll approach the game fit and well and this season we can enjoy some good things

I was back to my original position, I’m glad, one year ago I had to settle according to our manager needs, we got great results winning the group, it’s been really good. This year I was back to my position and I’m glad. Should the team needs it, I’m ready to do a step back, but my position is this, let’s see. There are some good new players, we also got Sarac, from Bari, along with some 99ers who are ready to help the new ones and try to let them settle at best. In this view, one year ago we did a fantastic season, and we are willing to teach them a winning approach, which has been our winning key. They have to settle, it is not a long they’re with us, they’re doing the best but it is not that easy. They come from different realities and I’m sure that with the right approach they will fit well. Like the past season, Bonatti is trying to teach the proper winning attitude to everybody, something that brought us to the top position in the group. He never gives up and is always ready to put his gameplay to the team with a very aggressive mentality even in friendlies like against the first squad. I think we can do well this season, we will follow our manager’s teachings and play much offensively".