"Football law is relentless. When you have an opponent down and you do not have the strength to be nasty and unlock the game by taking the game momentum then it may happen that, on a restart, a not called foul, a wrong positioning, then you go down and it is more complicated because spaces are narrower" U19 Head Coach Andrea Bonatti told Lazio Style Channel, 233 Sky.

"Once we went down we had to make better use of the free kicks because they gave us several solutions, but they were not beaten with accuracy I'm sorry because I think it was a well-played game, on good pace and for 2/3 part of the team we have been on the offensive line leaning on the balls coming into the box, on the "dirty" headshots we have been bad and this has resulted in the result.

From the point of view of the features it is normal that when playing with an offensive team made up of midfield players you can pay something, because you have to get to the end through the accurate play, something we did pretty well for 80yds, in the last 20 is clear that having players with other features can help you to be more incisive, I do not look at those who didn’t play, I'm sorry that the result can be the demonstration of a game that did not develop in this way because, already in the first half we had taken the momentum of the game without suffering anything in either restarts. It's normal, then, a little bit of wind, you turn unbalanced to unlock anything when starting a play, with bad placements. These are games that are also developing in this way, it's part of football we take it bad but with the right spirit to make it back to the next game.

I am satisfied with the developments in the 80 yds. There were good lines of play between the lines, the range in the area in some deep play, 3-4 times in the first half we went offside. The mistake was not to find the right time for attacking the depth, for the rest, regret arises from the fact that a good match had developed in the contents and we had tried until the game, yesterday many had cramps, we did not suffer this even though someone came from a period of inactivity like Petro who was 3 weeks off and gave his help and I thank him because he did a decent game, I'm satisfied but the result does not reward us and since it is the only thing that matters, this is a partial satisfaction".