"Let’s go with a clean review. We were less sharp than last week's game, we did wrong from the technical point of view. Basically we were balanced, we have kept an offensive department full of good individuality, such as Udinese, we had the clearest opportunity of the whole game and we did not use it, should we made it, it would have been more like last Saturday’s game, with more balance" U19 Head Coach Andrea Bonatti told Lazio Style Channel, 233 Sky.

"It is clear that we lack elements if we review the two games, but that does not matter. Facts matter. facts say we have not been able to score even today, and we more and more turn aware of the kind of league that will be this year.

We take this draw with this tough review but with the optimism of moving the table a bit, at a time when we are somewhat in difficulty from the point of view of the offensive department. I see this great application, participation of the kids, and it is a mast for the growth together, and I know we will have to struggle for a couple of months for several reasons including the waiting for some transfers that concern the advanced dept, though I'm confident, I see these guys they want to learn. Then again they have been less sharp in the play but with the desire to try to show something of our game

There are so many roads to go to Rome. Now it's about technique. There is the way the game is organized and the one at the collective level concerns me and there is the way of temperament. It is normal that when you build a new group and link the dots at the end of a conditioning path, then it takes time to find out what the assumptions and the basic psychological reasons are, for getting to Rome. There is a third way I know well because I have used it all my life and my goal is to send it quickly to all the members of this group but I'm sure they will be able to do it so soon enough.

The path of each of them is also going for Sarac, a player I like a lot for his technicals, but I realize that after the long and bad injury when time is needed to recover well, we have this period, I hope as short as possible to show his qualities, from the point of view of the players today, they are the ones that give me more guarantees. If you look at the scoresheet, there are no goals but on different times and sometimes for a bit, sometimes for bad luck, like when you take a shot safe and get rebounded from a mate or when you're in front of the goal and do not have the coolness needed, this shows that in 180 minutes the opportunities we have created, today the clearest of the two games, we did not unlock them, it is bad as the table is affected by this".