At the end of the match Edoardo Rezzi told Lazio Style Channel (Sky 233).

"Reviewing the game we played a good first half. They scored on an inactive ball and this penalized us on the result but we started well with serenity. In the second half, after the second goal we split and this did not have to happen as last year it did not happen, we were more united and the coach is trying to form a group like last year because we never call it quit and I'm confident that this year we could do better because he also made us practical examples of teams that were bad and then ended up above their expectations. we are cool even if on the field we turn frantic and make stupid mistakes

There is a lack of serenity. In the second half, when the game comes alive, on the 2-0 we started to panic, missing too many balls, the third goal was taken on our distraction. There is no serenity as it is, just because after 4 matches we are at 1 point only, there can be no serenity that makes you feel comfortable in the delicate moments of the match. We have to work quietly and everyone has to let us do it without criticism without someone starting to put us on unfair criticism.

In the first half, I was just a little bad under the goal, something I really take care of since I play in Primavera. In the first half the blame is on me and everybody else, I do not care of this but I had to be wicker, last year you had Rossi that scored everything, now with the group we will all be able to score, not just one that goes for 20. We must be humble and this is a feature that starting from Me, Miceli, Spizzichino sometimes we lack it, sacrifice too, so we created this group, it is our goal since we started, since July 24th".