Coach Andrea Bonatti spoke to Lazio Style Channel after the match against Genoa.

“This is an incredibly competitive league and I'm happy with this because we need it to grow kids up. You go to see that Verona beats Fiorentina, Sassuolo beats Torino, Chievo with whom we lost yesterday makes a great match in Milan against Inter, which is the only team stronger than everyone, and had 3 chances to win it. Udinese, with whom someone has twisted their nose as of our draw, goes to Napoli and scores 5 goals. Frankly, this round confirmed the level of this league, which means that it's just an episode that makes you go for a match and you get the 3 points or one that makes you turn and lose the game right now, we are penalized if you go to review the opportunities created with respect to those suffered. I do not like appealing to things like misfortune but I think behind an episode that turns to favor is the will that it turns in favor, and behind an episode that goes against there is a lack of something in changing the inertia of events.

If you line up a starting grid at the beginning of the season, almost everybody identified in Udinese, Verona, Bologna and Genoa the 4 candidates to relegation, but they have been strengthened up because, keeping the Primavera league is a reason for prestige and growth for all the youth sector. The results that are being gained confirm my support and the fact that we had to wait 3 weeks for a heart problem to a big player, to give the settling time to a foreign player who may need some time to fit in a different football and I talk about Aliaj. The fact that we were unable to deploy strikers because we still have 3 unlistable players and 2 for quite some time in offensive positions and this is a problem

I am confident because I see the growth path and see motivations. It was important to get 1 point in these first 3 games. We need time, but I do not say it to get rid of responsibility, I say because I note that we have to tighten our teeth, each game is worth 3 points and we will have to appeal to other resources not just technical and tactics, even moral ones. Someone has come to this group and needs to get in from this point of view”.