Federico Marchesi spoke to Lazio Style Channel after the match against AC Milan.

“We tried to prepare it in the week. We tried to adapt our game to the opponent and we tried to please our manager’s requests.

It was not enough, but we are trustful for the coming ones, we have one week off and we can take back our energy going on with the commitments.

We must stay focused, as the manager said, about not doing the same mistakes that can happen and we must stay more focused when in non-possession, in every single minute of the game. This is something we must work on this coming week. Thanks to this we could earn something.

I’m glad, the manager is confident with me. I played 90 minutes, I was out exhausted but I’m glad for it was a lot I didn’t play so much. To get to the top of the shape I must continue to work and give the best.

About depth, they were closed out. there was a wall in front of their goal, they were good to restart especially in the second half when Tsadjout got in the game and he gave us a lot of troubles, especially phisically. We managed the ball well behind and we were expecting though we were unable to follow their gameplay. We took these 2 scores in a bit and we got in troubles.

Gap coverage. This is what we must work and improve on. The coach asked it often, when in non-possession.

We prepare it in the coming week without waiting any further. We were in need of a win today and we didn’t find it better luck next time”.