Giorgio Spizzichino spoke to Lazio Style Channel after the match against Juventus.

“We came here aware we could bring home the three points against Bologna, we have failed due to the absence of nastiness in front of the goal and today we managed to get what we wanted. It’s three important points because we were able to climb over Juventus in the league table.

We struggled well and above all the offensive players, who stayed low and kept the team compact, then in times of need we had more nastiness in front of the goal to exploit the chances we had.

We're starting to get to know better after practice, we put into practice what the coach tells us and trusting him, we play our game in terms of how we prepared. Lately we played better because we understand better how each of us plays.

With the coach we prepared it this way, putting these cross on the second pole towards the goalkeeper because we noticed that there was superiority, then for the wind, the ball managed to enter and we realized the 3 to 1.

We think game after a game. Today we got these three points and next week will play AC Milan, it will be another battle because Milan is always Milan and we will do our best to get the 3 points.

Bari from his tight position quested for the cross, me from there, I put it to the goal, so we got 2 goals in two different ways.

 It is changing the feeling between us, now we feel more compact. As I said before, everyone knows how he wants the ball where he wants, the moves of others and we are having more and more confidence in the coach”.