The Head Coach Andrea Bonatti spoke to Lazio Style Channel after the match against Inter.

"As of our play we regret the chance to Aliaj in front of the goal, the post hit by Petro and Aliaj, the chance on the only cross in the box, in a 3 vs 3 and we missed it taking the goal against. The team is working and we are improving, we go on with this team.

We saw it in Udine like with Bologna. It doesn’t matter if you play a 3 or 4 man defence, it happens how you use it and how you attack and I don’t believe there’s a closer gap between us and the first, we showed our values in this game and our sacrifice will, who should never miss in my teams. Maybe at the start of the season we had to develop it and realize more, as our opponents hurt us as soon as we make a mistake, when we need 4-5 chances to score once, and today it didn’t go this way. Other times we’ve bee hurt like against Bologna and Verona at home. Pity because our points don’t reflect the our gameplay now.

The way the game was equalised is how we want to do now. When you feel confident you’re stopping the strongest team of the season, you have to move the bar. Should you regret not to have taken the 3 points, at hand, you have to raise it. I saw a good equilibrium in my guys, they were satisfied to show they were worth it and at the same time they were hurt not to win it as we deserved it today.

He’s improving, I were in need of more mobility ahead and I lined him up in the middle, I believe he can do more and I’m confident he will do better more.

He’s the captain because he’s got more moral qualities and he’s an example for everybody. Playing internationally for the first squad is a huge reward and we’re still talking of a young guy who could eventually lose his focus. But I know who’s him and he knows who I am. He always shoed a huge sense of responsibility and when Thursday night he told me he was exhausted but still willing to play, I understood his approach was right and the score today repaid him of his sacrifices in a game where he did well.

He’s improving and since 2 weeks ago when we started this course I think my only issue is the game with Sampdoria which is fundamental for us as of the troubles we had since the start of the season, then we will think to the next ones".