Alessio Miceli spoke to Lazio Style Channel after the match against Inter.

"We deserved to win it because we played a good football, we defended well, we gave everything. Today we made a step forward after Sassuolo where we did a good game, we were united, all together today we showed Lazio is alive. We started a bit quietly as we could not make points. Today we have seen a compact team, united, who knows what to do, I am very happy because Hassan’s play deserved better luck but that's okay. it’s 1 point to give us the strength to improve more, next week we play Sampdoria and we must focus on them because as you do well with the first you do not know what can happen with the latest.

Lazio got on the field with a fighting spirit, strong and aware we had to keep inter off. They found themselves in trouble they thought they were playing a team in difficulty there is a regret but that's okay

There was always a good mood in the locker room, we knew what we had to do and we were disappointed with the results that were coming but we knew that we are a good team and that we could do better. With Mister Bonatti we have always worked hard every week, with double sessions too, unfortunately we did not have the chance to practice here for a long time but as we came back here we did well and we saw it, the elimination with Bari was a unreal, I do not know what the referee did, but then with Sassuolo we did a great game so it was ok.

Starting for Lazio, with a team I play 10 years with, I'm very happy for today's goal because it was important to do well, it was important for the team because I did a single  workout, I returned at 5am on Friday morning But I wanted to be part of this game because it was important. We wanted to win it, but it is fine. the important thing was to make points against a strong team.

At the beginning maybe there was not the awareness that we were such a strong group now we are aware of our means, we know what we can do. The coach gives us an important game plan, if we follow him better we can do well as last year, when nobody gave us chances and in the end we won the group, so we have to do this year. we started slowly we will think game after game because we can do well and we are a group that can do well.

I thank Mr. Inzaghi for his trust. It is not easy to play in a Europa League game even when you are already qualified. I thank all the teammates and the staff because they helped me on the field, the players were always there for me, they guided every movement so I have to thank everyone and I'm very happy for this.

The experience as a middle defender helped me at first, and you saw also against Vitesse because I made a closure as a defender. I started as a playmaker, I know my position well, the defensive midfielder, I'm a midfielder so I can do every position for the coach. I have always given everything in any position where I played and it is good because in the end I adapt to the needs of the team. Last year I adapted to defender because there was a need and this year I returned to my position. I'm really happy".