Coach Andrea Bonatti spoke at Lazio Style Channel (233 Sky) after the match:

"I have a mix of regrets inside for how it came the loss, you can not concede goals like this: from two free-kicks for us came two counterattacks and then the goals. This is the bitterness and sorrow I feel and at the same time I am aware that emerged an enormous limitations that is part of this group. As I said from the beginning of the year, then someone, as we did good so far, though I want to soften the thing.

It is not that, because the team is doing a stratospheric league, because we were not credited to be in this position in the standings, the credit goes to the guys who were able to achieve these results. Unfortunately, in the third game in a week happened the same thing that had happened against Napoli. When you play midweek games, you can make some small changes, always trying to keep the identity of the group and to give space to those who have played less, however, who are lacking energy.

You have the luck and skill to take the lead, then take two sensational goals, but then you feel exhausted in the final and you can not even produce dangerous occasions to resume the result.   make the assessments, as I have said many times this is the opportunity category, and between a player who has played a lot and is tired, and a player who trains well and has not yet had his chance, I thought this was the right match to give him this chance. After all, they played a good game, either Spiezio and Cardoselli, who did not see the field for some time, it was their debut season from the first minute. It is not a change of men who did  the result, because, for long stretches of the game, we were masters of the field.

We finished the first half with a draw, when you have unlocked the game and you've got even more chances to score first, because we had a high-pressure and opponents could throw the ball and we went back standing still, complaining at the referee: it means that it is an attitude problem. I was labeled as an iron sergeant and a hard man, it is totally wrong because it is not part of my behavior. I’m very demanding, yes, but not hard. I can be understanding with these guys, I have to be clever and reasonable, we are doing a great season. Today we missed on some aspects, it is true. With great serenity, with great lucidity and honesty, because if one is hiding behind a finger then he can not grow, we'll talk on Tuesday after having done this today. There is not much to speak about, we are going to prepare the game against Verona because I'm sure we will do a great game".