Filip Djordjevic, the day before the match against Rosenborg, attended in press conference.
"I am phisically good, i began the season with two very bad injuries, it wasn't easy but today I feel in a good shape. I am training with the team now, and I hope I will be able to play more. In the last days we changed, the coach spoke to everyone, we want to do our best tomorow against Rosenborg. Of course, we also think about the derby, but we are now focused on tomorow's match, and do another step to pass the round.
We are now three forwards, there is more competition, as we all want to play, but the season is long, and i think that each of us will find some space. We are here to help the coach and the squad.
Tomorrow iIcould play my first European match with Lazio,and I am happy for this debut. This year we are playing three matches a week, last year when we used to play only one match it was easier to get ready. Maybe we are not ready to play every match at our best yet, but our coach in pushing us to our best shape.
We have enough experience, and we can't loose faith after two defeats,we are going well in Europe, and we want to go on.
In the last match we looked tired, but we are not, we just missed a match, and it can happens. This summer we worked well, and we were conscious we were going to play a lot. We are really good phisically".