The S.S. Lazio coach Stefano Pioli the night before Rosenborg-Lazio,  attended in press conference.
"Tomorow we have a good chance to pass the round, and we all know how important Sunday's match will be. The team has to focus on giving the  best and bring back a good result. We are looking for continuity, and we have to stay clear headed, and give the best on the field, we have important values and we have to transmit them.
The squad didn' t do well in the last match, but before we were growing, and we need to get back on track.
This year we struggled to give continuity to our results, and this restrained our growth. We struggled in reacting when facing a difficoulty, and finding our strenght. It would be a great mistake to think than some of my players reached their best.
The numbers are clear, we didn' t drew may matches because we always try to win, and score more, this is our attitude. We always have to try our best.
Tomorow I will work with a very good squad.
Last Sunday the squad was absent, and this in clear, but i think that the team has a good game. We have to go on and learn from our mistakes.
The derby is a very important match, as we all know, even more in our situation. We are only 6 point below the first team. I trust in my players, and I am convinced they are ready to hold up the pressure. Now we have to think about tomorow's match. After this I will think about sunday. Morrison is training well, and working hard, tomorow he might have a chance".