This afternoon Stefan de Vrij spoke in press conference.

"We wanted to win the derby, it’s the match of the year for the squad and I wanted to play it. I was ready, but I wasn't available from a lot of time and the coach made a tactical choice that I accepted. Inzaghi wants the best for me, for the team and for Lazio. 

I'm fine, I'm training with the team. It isn’t never nice to lose, especially in the derby. This match is the past, now we have to work for the future.

I saw Wallace’s mistake while I was having the warm up. He was playing a good match. He played very well also in the other previous matches, he is a good guy and a good defender. These things can happen, unfortunately. I have already played together with Wallace in the three-man defensive line. Lazio have four centre-backs; we are all strong and we can all play together. 

Now I'm focused on work: last year I was out for a long time, this season I have played 8 games only.

When we play against top teams like Juventus, Milan and Roma, we have to be more precise and intelligent. We had good matches against the other teams.

Now we have to be focused on the next difficult match against Sampdoria.

We want to come back to play European competitions. We are on the right way. Every season is different, we are strong as two years ago when we obtained the third position in the table.

I can still improve my movements and my speed. I'm training on these aspects, and also on my concentration.

Inzaghi is a great coach and a very good person, I love working with him.

I speak often with Hoedt, we are both Dutch and so we are friends. He’s a very good player, he is doing very well and he's still young: he has to be patience because his chances will come".