Coach Simone Inzaghi spoke at Lazio Style Channel (233 Sky) after the match:

"A great reading of the game, I'm so sorry because I watched the highlights just now, for 60 minutes we did not allow a shot to AsRoma. We have to say the truth, we have not down quite better, but we had two shots by Immobile, a header. From the bench my feeling is that if one of the teams would have the opportunity to score first I think it was mine. Then we know what is football, what is this game, I think we had to have that little bit of healthy ignorance more than it was. Because some balls, at times, for the lack of it, we have not played it, we have not thrown away. I wanted to review this derby definitely with another result, but if I had to lose it I wanted to review this derby and congratulate AsRoma, because they deserved the win, they would have maybe scored two astonishing goals and then we'd have close to hand. So I'm so sorry because we made it all on our own, it is a lesson, surely I would have preferred this lesson against a different team because we know what this game means to our fans, we are sorry, it will be difficult but we should try to make it slip away on us and try to do these three coming games before the break in the best way. We have three difficult games, but we'll have to try to be good.

In some games it takes a little bit of ignorance and wickedness more. Because you can not afford to give away balls, trying tunnels, trying master plays in games like that. You can’t afford it because you're lucky once, twice, then the third will go bad and you get goals. So as I said before if I have to lose, especially this game, I want to lose on their credit and not for our mistakes. After that we made a well prepared game, we did not allow a shot to the goal, regardless of Salah who was not playing. We knew that AsRoma would defend with 5 men against Lazio. AsRoma was built to win the Scudetto and we forced them to play with 5 men on defense, AsRoma was humble, was ignorant. I think they had that bit of nastiness more than us and won the derby.

That must happen, there must not be psychological implications as of this loss. I know and we know that apart from someone who’s at his debut, we know what it means to play a derby and lose it, I hope that one day we get to know what it means to win it. Because lately it's not that we're winning them. Surely we should try to be good because it is a game that creates legacies, a game that you feel in the week around, at the cafè, when you have breakfast, with friends, people. And so we should be good, however, as I said at this time, because it’s still fresh and there is a lot of anger at losing a derby all on our own. About the three, sure, but beyond the 3 of them, we had to try to be better and to be a bit more bad in the balls we had. They did not have it, and we gave them and we lost. That’s the big regret today.

I do not think Wallace is presumptuous, but beyond Wallace I have also seen other plays that should have been done better because we had to be good, we had to be better at understanding the circumstances, realizing that it was not the time to make a heel-toe maybe, but we had to pay more attention to the situation. I think AsRoma had that more than us. We would have had more gameplay, we would have created more, but I think we had to be a bit more vicious.

You said it, with the first three we always lost, as we can not afford any mistake. Maybe with other teams you can, with them it was all due to three mistakes of us. We took a goal against Juventus that was avoidable, in their only attempt. In Milan, there was that Parolo’s slide and the same today, actually those three are first, second and third. So you see that in certain games we prepare it well, however, we do that little mistake that should not happen and if they were not successful on those small mistakes those three games I think we would not have lost none of the 3. Strakosha did not play because Marchetti was fine and he is the starting goalkeeper.

No disappointment. My guys are doing well, they are playing well. It is normal for a game like this, being here and commenting this 2-0 loss it’s something we regret because we did not deserve to lose it, we should be good, we know it's tough. As I said before, it is a game that we must try to leave behind, we know it is not easy here in Rome but we'll have to be good. I know that we had managed, after 15 days, to bring 40,000 people come to the stadium and I think that 35,000 were ours. We are sorry for them because they deserved more. And though it  is useless, it is now gone, you have to understand from mistakes, you have to grow, you have to understand that, especially with the first, you can not give even half mistake as they can punish you. And so it was with Juventus, AsRoma and AcMilan".