Senad Lulic spoke at Lazio Style Channel (233 Sky) after the match:

"It's difficult to comment, it was a gifted away game. We made two mistakes that we should not give, that we should not concede. There we lost the game. You can make mistakes and learn from them. Wallace is doing a very good season.

Today he has made this mistake, which we hope he does not repeat anymore. Only with mistakes you can learn, but today he was  not the only doing wrong, we all made mistakes; me first. Today, unfortunately, he made a crucial mistake, and they scored. He learns, we learn, we get up and look forward. In the first half we played well, creating so much, we had to do at least one goal, the game would have been different. Episodes have decided this match, we made two mistakes and we lost.

The schedule tells us that we have to play against everybody and we’ll draw the line at the end. We lost three points, we look forward, we get up and go to Genoa to get a win. If AcMilan and AsRoma will now clash is great for us, we must look into our house, we have to think about playing our game and make points. Today was a scoreless game, no one wanted to risk it. In the first 45 minutes we did better, they did better in second half. We made mistakes and we lost the game. We will see in the next matches as we will react to this loss.

I do not want to talk, it's useless now, after a defeat, heads are always a bit hot after the game, sometimes I can get out statements that you do not really think".