The midfielder spoke to Lazio Style Channel (233 Sky).

"I was sit at the table with the other young players. It's a beautiful evening, we watched an exciting video and listened to the President's words.

We are living a good moment, we filed the derby defeat: the team played a great match against Sampdoria it wasn't easy. Now we have to finish the year in the best way against two very good teams.

Fiorentina is an excellent squad and yesterday won a complicated match against Sassuolo. It will be a difficult game but we will try to be ready.

It was a good year because the team is doing well, we are in a good position on the table. The call by National Team was a great satisfaction.

I hope that in 2017 we will conclude the season in the best way, maybe winning a trophy, but it won't be easy. The goal is to came back to play in the european competitions.

A big hug to the fans, I hope to review on Sunday the beautiful cheering that I saw at the Olimpico Stadium during derby. Together we can do something special. Forza Lazio".