Coach Simone Inzaghi spoke at Lazio Style Channel (233 Sky) after the match:

“We were very good, we played an excellent match. And like you said I do not remember any special save by Marchetti or Strakosha, except for the Albanian save on Quagliarella’s free kick. We were good to play a game that was not easy, here in Genoa, so far only AcMilan won here. We did well to have this reaction because we know what it's like to lose a derby, and on Tuesday we have checked our mistakes, as it should be, as it always happens after that.

From Wednesday, we did well not to talk anymore about that game and we focused only to the match against Sampdoria and we won deservedly. We knew that Sampdoria, we had seen it in the last game against Torino, even in its home game against Sassuolo, in the first 20-25 minutes, it starts immediately strong, but tonight they found a Lazio who did likewise. We played the first 60 minutes maybe the best of the season. We played on an tough field against a very good team, very well coached but we won deserving. Naming a single player would be unfair, the kids were all good, winning in Genoa is never easy.

When I replaced Biglia I could have also lineup a midfielder but I knew that Keita had done everything possible to be part of the game, he would have had 30-35 devastating minutes. Sunday we host Fiorentina and it will be important to prepare the game in the best way. The purples are a deep team, full of good players, we should be good as we had been this week, to quietly prepare it, trying to take the right countermeasures. We had prepared the game with Milinkovic that in no possession got up on their low median, with Lulic and Felipe Anderson to tighten the lines, and they did it very well. Coming here in Genoa and not conceding anything to Sampdoria is not easy, we did well, and we deserved to win.

I had chosen to leave Keita on the bench because he had a major issue early this week, but he has proven he had great spirit and did everything to be available. We evaluated things well, we opted to keep him on the bench and I think it was the right choice. Strakosha had already proven to do very well. Before turning in field, I wished him a simple good luck and told him to be himself. Tonight he was very good, it was not very busy but on Quagliarella’s free kick, he has been outstanding".