At the end of the match Lazio’s midfielder Marco Parolo spoke at Lazio Style Channel (233 Sky) after the match:

"We had a great reaction, it was not easy at the end of a difficult week with several controversies. We reacted as a team and we showed we have character, pride. We have to go on like this, we are a team that has its own identity, even in the derby we played well, then some episodes have questioned two fundamental men on our team like Marchetti and Wallace. There was a hunt to the mistake. That was bad, the team did well, and they did a great game, and today we have demonstrated the ability to react, we hope that Federico has got nothing serious because he is a fundamental player for us. That said, I am happy because scoring and win is the top for any player, I enjoy it.

This year I went often in the box but the ball went always earlier, after or too wide: finally one of these today arrived on time and I had put it into. I missed the goal and I'm glad I finally made it. I’m sorry for the yellow as I will be suspended for one game but we have an important roster, we have players who so far have proven to be able to replace who was missing. I am happy, I am confident that the team will make a great game against Fiorentina. This week we had reset and turned our head away from this post derby controversy. And we responded great. This is a team of character: both players and coaches. I'm happy, I'm proud of what we're doing, 31 are not few, but we can do even more until the end of the first half. We must continue on this path, stay focused and stay humble, like today, all of us, Ciro has done a heck of a job, he ran like a madman, but everybody have done a great game.

The team spirit must be that. It's great to win playing well, winning for some individuals sometimes, it's nice, but you miss what is the idea of the team, the intensity, being a group. This is a real group, which has the attributes and we have demonstrated. We must continue on this path, not going high, do not listen to what they say, go on our way then in spring we will check it out. Now a player must know how to do everything, especially my age, who has now learned to read some situations and help the team where it is needed.

I'm happy for the goal, but it's part of my attributes, I never lost confidence in myself, I have always done and will continue to make them. I'm happy, Felipe gave me a great ball, I will continue to get through for a few more ball in the box. Today I was more defensive than usual but you can always find your chance, opportunities come, you just have to believe it.