At the end of the match Lazio’s Primavera striker Alessandro Rossi spoke at Lazio Style Channel (233 Sky) after the match:

"We have collected a fundamental win against a very strong opponent. We struggled a lot but when we play together, we can only win. If luck is by our side and we all play for the team, then victories come. There, in front, I’m the only striker and it is natural that I turn for real our team’s sacrifice and groupwork. We have the best defense in the league, we are doing well and we hope to continue like this. It was a good answer. It was not an easy match, especially after the bad defeat against Latina that gave us a break in the standings. It is not easy to prepare such an important match, Verona never lost and they have many good players, in the first half I was not able to find spaces and touching balls. A good team, a good offense, opponents knew how to play, but we did it, we needed a response.

My only goal is to get as far as possible with the team, then if I score that is better, especially if they are important goals and they grants us points to get to the final eight and move forward in the Italian Cup. We have several team goals and we hope with the work to improve ourselves, this is my only goal. I dedicate the goals to my house women, to my mother, who has always been there, even when no one believed in me, she has always helped me to stand up again, she’s always been there and every time I’m a bit down she’s there.

My mother is an angel. All I'm doing is because of her and my twin sister. So you can imagine what kind of relationship we have, we are friends, she’s maybe even more important than my mother because to my sister I can say even more personal things, she is always there for me”.