Coach Simone Inzaghi spoke at Lazio Style Channel (233 Sky) after the match:

“Tomovic had already yellowed, you do not want to send him off for the clear goal chance but at least the he deserved the yellow. And then the game would be over. Then we have to take into account that we had an opponent who is called Fiorentina, who last year was atop for the first round of the season. So we lost a little bit of brightness after 60 minutes, but we struggled just a little bit, but I think Lazio’s win was actually fully deserved. We played Fiorentina last year, a fearsome team between the lines, we knew that Bernardeschi and Ilicic would be in the middle, we did well to keep them. Bastos, Radu, de Vrij they all did a very good game. We played well, 60 excellent minutes. We should have had, in my opinion, with a triple advantage, and not a double. Then we lowered a bit, we lost a little bit of lucidity and then Fiorentina with Zarate had a lot of quality in the field and we started struggling. Numbers have to be analyzed. I partly believe to numbers, but it is undeniable that we have taken 18 goals: 3 in the first half, and 15 in the second. It is something that we will review with the guys, however, as I said, we are very happy. 17 games, played in the best way, two games to the season’s halfway point, InterMilan and Crotone, we will try to make the most.

Wednesday night at San Siro against Intermilan, it will be a difficult game, we meet a team with a great choice of players but at the same time, in short, Intermilan have lost a few points, some for their coaching change, and for Europa League. We're going to play our game in the best way because we want to get out of San Siro in the best way. Tonight we had two teams with a lot of quality in the field, because there are good players on both teams, it was an exciting game, a missed penalty, so many opportunities that you could turn for goals, so I think it was a nice spot for football because it was a great game.

I'm glad to have the embarrassment about who play on defense: Wallace, Sunday, had done very well in Genoa and tonight I preferred to start with Bastos. Hoedt had a 6-7 games better than the others, then the injured were back and ended up on the bench. I am delighted to be able to choose. Now tonight we had Parolo suspended: we will try to recover Parolo and the same Djordjevic for Milan and then calmly, I will always do my choices.

Tomorrow we will make our choices, we will see and as always choose. It is normal to regret, for such an important match like Intermilan, to have only a day because tomorrow, those who played, will practice at a lower pace, and a bit more those who have not played. But we will only practice on Tuesday, to try to understand and see, in short, it's not just a matter of us, it will be so for Intermilan as well”.