At the end of the match Lazio’s defender Stefan Radu spoke at Lazio Style Channel (233 Sky).

"A Great goal, I do not believe it, come on, really. Maybe in the second half we struggled a lot, we have to thank Marchetti who did not allow Fiorentina to re-open the game in the opening minutes of the second half, because it would have been harder. The problem is that in the counter-attacks we had, we would have had to score the third goal much earlier; because the struggle would have been lighter. On my goal, I threw myself forward because there was space, there were other defenders, I told myself even if I go, I'll tell you frankly, I could not take anymore, I was very tired. But I put my head down and I pulled and what happens, it happens.

In the first half we did not allow anything. In the second half we struggled, we have to work on this, it seems that in the second half, the first 15 minutes we almost always struggle. We have to work on this, however, the sacrifice of this team brings you always to win games. I think Fiorentina has been good, has forced us to stay lower. However, I also said before, we were struggling, but if you bring home the three points that's okay".