At the end of the match Lazio’s midfielder Danilo Cataldi spoke at Lazio Style Channel (233 Sky) after the match:

“We played a good game, I am very happy and the team has brought the 3 points home. I had a scoring ball: I could have kicked it better, I was not alone, but I had time to take it better, I have a little swooshed it. But okay, the team did well, 3 goals, we made a good hour of play then.

We knew how to struggle well, and, nothing, I'm very happy. I always thank, I take this opportunity, my very much enlarged family, because they always supported me and always gives me a hand in any situation. Speaking for myself I always try to do my best whether in a game or in training. Because I think training is the mirror of what is eventually done on the field, if one is always good in training and gives the best, maybe you can go wrong on a technical-tactical level, but the attitude is never wrong, if you exercise it is always good. So I just try to bring what I do in training in the game and try to help the team as much as possible.

Wednesday night, against Intermilan, I expect a very difficult game, they're a great team. I think that maybe, until now, they have underachieved comparing their value, we will go there to play our game. We are a good team and we can make the game everywhere. As for the coach, I'm glad to find Pioli, he is a great coach and a great person. I wish him well, maybe after the Christmas break, however, I will greet him.

It would be the dream of all, Murgia is a great guy and I hope I can become a better player, I hope together we could be the future. As well as the other guys as Lombardi that is a player who always gives everything, even Rossi and many other guys that could do really well and they could really wear this shirt for many years. so why not. I think there is also a project by the club to slowly insert the new guys and I think now is working well with Lombardi, with Murgia and I hope you can also do it with Rossi.

We are Italian boys, but without forgetting that we all know the value of Keita, Wallace is doing a great season, not to mention Felipe, if I forget someone I'm sorry, Lukaku, more or less all that age group, I think they can all say so much more and can give so much more to Lazio”.