At the end of the match, coach Massimiliano Farris spoke at Lazio Style Channel (233 Sky).

"Today is really difficult to explain the loss, we have taken the field in the first half, very well. In the light of an equal ball possession with the Nerazzurri we created the conditions and we definitely had more clear chances in the match, unfortunately, in these situations, unless of breakouts, there is the risk that a team like Intermilan with its champions can put you in trouble. The thing I regret is that after the first goal there was a 1-2 between Banega and Icardi and there wasn’t the reaction we expected.

From the numerical goal standpoint, we went ahead ten times this season and we always achieved the victory. As for the defeats, luckily, there have not been many, and unfortunately, they all came in head to head. If the team did not have the personality as we heard about, he would not, at first, stood up to Juventus, AsRoma and AcMilan. In some situations it would only need more sharpness and more focus, now we should review it together, to be able to at least keep, especially in head to head, the standard that we had in the first halves, being able to repeat it in the second ones. Or at least, if hit by the opponent - you can stand to take a goal in Milan - at least keep the balance and try to keep playing as we did in the first half. Today we did not succeed. The balance of our 2016 is yummy. Another of the reasons may be, certainly is, that the team has to grow, it is a team that has been remodeled and changed the game.

Last year we settled for seven matches, being like the ferrymen, this year we changed the game system, we changed many things. It's a young team and there is definitely a growth path, at times, setbacks can be good for the future. Clearly, if you can avoid it, it is better, though again, the balance is definitely positive.

We are a single game from the season’s half, we got 34 points and do not think this loss will turns us smaller, also because we stay ahead of Intermilan, we have behind teams like Fiorentina, those that are ahead of us perhaps are teams differently built, We have a little bit more, and we will work to try to bridge this gap. From a physical and mental point, I think the rest will come in handy. We have a few injured players, a few players who spent a lot, who pulled the car for the long part of the first half of the season. Probably the break comes at the right time. We will work, mentally well disposed, on this defeat, it can not tarnish the good we have done, as well as our guys condition and the convictions. It could be positive in both cases, if we had played next Sunday, we could have redeemed immediately.

Now, however, we can take this breath, and we expect the last first round against Crotone to find ourselves ready, both physically and mentally, and we’ll have the chance to review what we did wrong in the first half of the season.