At the end of the match, Biancocelesti's midfielder Marco Parolo spoke at Lazio Style Channel (233 Sky).

"Unfortunately we were wrong, it was a strange game because Intermilan won 3-0 but episodes have turned the game around. In the first half we deserved the advantage, they unlocked it with a great goal by Banega, from a dirty ball, and have immediately scored the 2-0, which cut our legs. These episodes make the difference. We'll have to be good to understand why these things happen to us and why against us, against these big teams, especially in the second half. We have to grow, we have to review it and if we do, we make this last step that we lack to stably enter in the top three. We are growing, we are still a young team, a team that is running a path: if we were already perfect, now it would have been a dream. We have ups and downs, we lack the ability to tackle these teams, stay focused for the whole 90 minutes, like the other teams. But this is done only growing and improving. I hope that this can be a lesson to start even stronger and have even more anger when we will see again after Christmas, to train even harder and try to make an important second part of the season. We were not phenomenons before, we are not busts now. We are a team that is worth.

We all want to improve, everyone will review it in the best way. I think we have to be good to raise our attention and focus when there is the in game physical drop. When we athletically are in, we are in the game. And we manage to recover eventually; we have to be good when there is this drop to get there before with our head, though this is done growing more, we are a young team, so it is ok that there may be some small mistakes. If we were perfect, we would be first in the standings. This means that we have to grow, the staff know it, we players know it. Maybe this loss can be used to return more angry, more eager for redeem and know that this team can be true. When we got third two years ago, here, we were 2-0 up then Intermilan in the second half had crushed and ended 2-2. If you want to make an example we may be compared to that, then in the second part of the season, we put more awareness, we grew up, we had people who understood, we understood what could be the delicate moments. Maybe even sweeping a ball when we are in trouble may be helpful and you do that by growing. We have all the basics to be able to work and make a great second round as we are doing in the first round. Just one more game at the halfway point and we want to end at 37. And 37 is not close to what happens every year, and from there, you can start to do a second part where we will face the big teams again, and put us to test. I am pleased to. There is a base, this means being team. From here you can only grow. We have to be smart and know that we have a good starting point and the we can only improve to become a team that aims to gamble with everybody and permanently stay in the top three. For this, it is still lacking something, we have to pull it out from inside of us. Work on this. Happy with what it has been done but we have the desire to improve.

The goal is Europe, and we want to improve. Finishing in the top three would be an outstanding result. We know our starting point, our strengths and weaknesses. Of the latter, we have, and we are missing something to delete them, this is done only with time and we want it to do. Let’s claim something by March / April, only at that time we'll be able to answer if we are a Champions team, not now. This doesn’t means we are not, but we must grow to become, but we want to grow and we have to review what we're missing. "