Luis Nani spoke to Lazio Style Channel after the match against Benevento.

"It is a great feeling, I am very happy to be here and to be able to help the team win the game, it was a great goal and I am very happy, it is important we won another game and if at first it could be thought that it was an easy match, it was us to make it easy, playing it well and taking advantage of the chances we had. They could rely on the support of their fans, we knew it would have been a problem for us, and we have prepared well for the match, and we had the right approach since the first minute and we achieved the win. 

It's nice when the fans are close to the team. When they celebrate the score with us, this is very nice with their love, we feel stronger and we hope to continue united with one goal: win every game. 

We have a strong team with many quality players in all departments and we know this, we are a great group, and our coach tells us what to do and we follow him with pleasure. We are in a good moment and we hope to continue like this. I am very happy, I'm very happy here, Rome is a beautiful city and me and my family could not have come at a better place and we hope to stay as long as possible".