The Head coach Simone Inzaghi spoke to Lazio Style Channel after the match against Benevento.

"We made a perfect first half as with Bologna, then, probably in the minds there is a little something. We can not let our guard down in Serie A. Up to Parolo’s 4-1 the game was still open, this is a matter that we discussed already and it happened in these last two games and we have to be good at understanding why. 

At physical level we have the data of players recovery. The team is fine, runs, is brilliant. It is normal, however, after such first halves, the second ones, in the first quarter, is a bit different, let’s not forget that we are in Serie A, we have opponents who have their own features and Benevento, as the Bologna in the first part of the second half, grew, it is normal and even physiological to have a decline after having had such constant paces.

Immobile looks like he was a bit tired but that there are no problems, and Nani did well to get well, he is a player who will give us a big help because he is a great pro, working every day with intensity and when I make him play it is because he can be of true help. We were at the edge of the box, not lined up as usual, Marusic would not have to enter but to run away with the man, but these things happen though they should not happen.He did a great job, he worked for the team and has shown me to feel good and I could even take him out but he seemed on the go, he scored, made assists and must continue this way".