The Head coach Simone Inzaghi spoke to Lazio Style Channel after the match against AS Roma.

“One more time, this game had been decided by single episodes. The first half was much more even and battled. We also had a few dangerous attempts, then in the second, within 4 minutes we made 2 bad mistakes, and the derby was lost. That’s it.  Well, we regret as losing this game is bad for our guys, for our fans especially who were awesome again, they supported us from the start to the end. They were really great.

Last year we lost the first derby for a mistake, it happened again now, it means we have to be good and strong enough to zero-in and start off well again. It is hard to put a derby behind, but we have to. I’ve chosen to pull them both out. Lulic and Leiva got booked at their very first foul, Rocchi could have thought about it a bit more, then you play with issues. So, when we were 2-0 I pulled them out and made a few changes in order to avoid a red card that would have definitely compromised the game.

The subs were good, they did well, Patric did well, but when you make those mistakes you can only lose the derby, and it hurts, a lot. Because in the second half the game could have been quite better, we would have found more gaps, but in a five minutes span we took like 2 own goals and I’d rather prefer AS Roma would score without our mistakes. We watched it more and more. We knew they were going to press us well, and we knew they couldn’t keep that pace all the time and we would have found more gaps to hit. And at the end of the first half I was still confident, then we made those mistakes that conditioned the game.

Now we regret it, but we have to be good to put it back and try to restart as it happened one year ago, this Thursday we have already a game, then we have the league with Sampdoria and Atalanta, they’re all important games for us”.