Luiz Felipe spoke to Lazio Style Channel after the match against OGC Nice.

“I believe I played a good game as well as all my teammates so we defeated Nice in a very challenging game that we knew it would have been tough but we were prepared to that. Now we can focus on the next match against Udinese.

We met some difficulties against Nice but we had worked hard on this game so we won. We have prepared the game against Nice for a whole week and I think that this is the reason of our success.

I’m here to help the team. I’m happy to be part of the team and I’m always ready when I’m needed because I just want to give my contribution to help Lazio.

A nine-straight-victories is a great achievement but we need to play game after game facing each game with the same concentration. This is the only way to go far in the season. We need to stay focused on the match against Udinese and after that we will think next”.