The Head Coach Simone Inzaghi held a press conference on the eve of Lazio's Europa League match against Vitesse.

“About the derby we accepted the defeat. No alibi, it is natural to be disappointment about, but this disappointment will have to make us improve for the next games. We have to react like after losing to Napoli. Losing with AS Roma is different for us and for our fans, but we will have to be good to get rid of this loss and get back on track, stronger than before. About tomorrow night, we were good in the first 4 games to clinch the first place and the qualification, tomorrow night we will have to be a team, make a good game because it is important to us. There are some players who played less and have this opportunity. I always made changes regardless of the final score, I clearly know what to do according to the weekly job down by the guys and tomorrow night we have to play a good game because next Sunday we will have a key one with Fiorentina.

Tomorrow night I’ll start Crecco and Palombi. As for Luca, he came back last January, he did well, he helped, he was ready when he was called in action, scoring also to Palermo. And I wanted to keep him here because he's part of the group. After the injury-issued game with Napoli, I had to change the roster, put Mauricio in for the league, and Crecco until January have to stay out though he is a guy I know well and I know tomorrow in his seasonal opener will try to help us, as for Palombi, he played the game with Spal, he is a guy I’m on a lot and after he had a bad injury, losing 1 month of practice, he is back and doing well and tomorrow he will have his chance in the Europa League.

Lukaku had several physical issues. The last time he went out with his National he came back with a muscular issue and missed 20 days of practice. Jordan is a very good prospect, very important because when he is in shape he has been useful in many games and will be. The only thing I hope for Lukaku is that he has no problems anymore, that he can practice well, he was the last to return with Milinkovic before the derby, he was in the national team and he did not practice much, he played only 5 minutes in 2 games. Then it is normal that from now on, he could improve according to his playing minutes. When I had him available, if not from the start, as the game was in progress, he was always a weapon that I love to have because of his great qualities

I do not want alibi because I lost a derby where I did a bit naive. It's natural that one might complain the officiating, many said it was extremely “homely” and penalized us. Probably Kolarov’s penalty, the footballs that have disappeared, but they are things that have always happened, they should not happen, and it would be wrong, me first as the head coach, to go for alibi and apologies. We lost because in a derby we made serious mistakes that we should not. We had made one in the first derby last year and we lost it. No alibi, I want a great reaction from a mature team that I know, they game me many reasons of pride so far to me and our people. We have to continue from there and as I said earlier, it must be prepositive for the future because after Napoli we made 9 wins in a row and I know that we are going through a not easy schedule but we will have to be good to get rid this painful loss”.