Luis Alberto spoke to Lazio Style Channel after the match against Vitesse.

“It was special as I wanted to dedicate it to my second son and the goal was gorgeous. I go back home as I promised my daughter we would have played a little tonight.

It is nice to play with a kid who trains well like Crecco, he’s got his chances to play and it is good for him. I’m glad. for Miceli too. I’m also glad for Murgia as he’s a guy who works more than anybody else and waits patiently the call and I’m also happy for Palombi as well. Nani has got a small lesion, we hope nothing serious as he’s damn good and he’s important for us, we’ll be waiting for him back in practice with us.

Playmaker, midfielder, advanced, it doesn’t matter. I simply love to play. Subbing Lucas Leiva was not an issue. I started off well the game as a midfielder with Murgia behind me. He knows and deserves to play, I expected a good game on him. In the last 2 games he was not well, it is important to win and stay high in the table and it is also important Crecco did a good game for the team”.