The Head Coach Simone Inzaghi spoke to Lazio Style Channel after the match against Vitesse.

“I’m happy. The guys did well. It was not easy especially we didn’t have any hunger, we could have easily lost it. They were good not to split off, especially after their score on a cool free kick. We stayed in the game. The younger ones did well. Miceli was at his first ever, he deserved it as he’s coming from our farm. He’s doing well in time.

The only black spot is Nani’s injury, as he got used to our pace in italian football, he felt something wrong and we hope not to lose him for too long. That is natural. We have to put our anger on the pitch and turn into furies. Run, determination, we have to play a great game against Fiorentina as we know it is a good team with good players and a very good coach. I do really like Miceli, he’s serious, a good guy who’s doing well in Primavera, he did well last year and he deserved this game tonight thanks to the good job he did so far since he was a little kid with Lazio.

Bastos is a player who did well this year and it is absolutely natural, after the derby, he was going to be a fix starter tonight as he had to immediately make it to the field. He did a good game, in the past 2 days he worked out well and I knew he would have been good tonight, and did well like ramos and Patric. Don’t forget Vitesse won the last domestic cup with important players ahead, fast and experienced, internationally. and it’s been an important game we did really well I think he said well, Murgia is a guy on a growing pattern. tonight he did well in front of the defense and it was not easy. I’m glad for Crecco and Palombi too, because especially the latter had to return after so long and their goalie was good or he would have scored.

Crecco this season didn’t play yet and we know I can’t use him in the league, he’s serious, a good pro, always good in practice and play a full UEL game was not easy at all, he did well in the week because it was important to play this way in his conditions”.