Alessandro Murgia spoke to Lazio Style Channel after the match against Vitesse.

“It was a game with nothing to say to our table and we only wanted to do well tonight, showing we belong to this great group. Vitesse is a good club, we expected them with a 4-3-3 and they came up with a 4-3-1-2. When the game was on the manager decided to shift me in front of the defense with luis Alberto at midfield and this means we are all dependable and can move along the match playing different positions. We’re glad. We wanted the win, but that’s ok, now we think to Sunday when we play an important game. Great teams have this strength too.

Every player has to be good in different positions. games like this are useful as tryouts, always with a high focus and the will to do well with the ability to play in different positions. I saved it with jealousy as it is a great gift to me. Luis Alberto’s spanish shirt is a very important gift, especially since I didn’t expect it, it is meaningful as of this time in his career and it means we have a good friendship and I’m surprised because it simply got on the field, talking the same football language. He’s a fantastic player and can do a lot with Lazio and with his national. He’s always rich of hints, he helps me a lot and we help each other, it is nice and I’m happy.

I say thank you to Mr. Tare, he trusts me and I workout every day at my best to reward his trust, the manager’s and my mates’. National’s first squad is a target I aim to, a dream, I hope to achieve it as soon as I can, I keep on working and Lazio is the club who could bring me there, that is why I do everything everytime exploiting every opportunity the manager gives me. I’m glad and I keep on working hard. I’m glad for the good words on me, when you play there you have to do well with or without the ball. When I play midfielder I can play when we are in ball possession, I had to work when not, thanks to Luca Biglia’s advices last year and Lucas Leiva’s this year. The same for the hints I receive from the other veterans. It’s a never ending growth, I receive hints in every practice session and the coach gives me the chance to play both positions and it is a pride for me, I hope to reward him well”.