The Head Coach Simone Inzaghi held a press conference on the eve of Lazio's Serie A match against Sampdoria.

“We all saw what happened against Fiorentina and there are a lot of regrets, because we deserved to win. Against both AS Roma and Viola, we were damaged by refereeing decisions. That mustn’t be an excuse. We must be aggressive and hard-working, because evidently what we’ve got is not enough against an organized side.

Sampdoria are unbeaten at home, but we’ve worked well this week and hope to get back to winning ways. In a way, it’s good that this season we’ve become unaccustomed to not winning for two games in a row. We’re up against a strong team with great fans and a Coach I admire a great deal.

We won’t have a full week to work in training until Christmas now, as there’s the Europa League and TIM Cup. It’s very cold right now in Rome, so with this temperature I preferred not to risk Felipe Anderson and Wallace, as with muscular injuries you need to be careful”.