The Head Coach Simone Inzaghi spoke to Lazio Style Channel after the match against Sampdoria.

"A great night. A save on their goal-line, a post, 5-6 chances and then, it happens, when you play a team like the Sampdoria you take a goal against and we were good to stay in the game and stay compact to win this very important game.

We had several nice games. Like against Juventus. Like one year ago here. Today was really worth it as we came from 2 weeks where they damaged us, as with Fiorentina they stole an already achieved win, and thus they were 2 extra points. Tonight we came to play on a tough pitch against a team that won every single home game so far and we did allow almost nothing but a shot from Zapata in the first period and Strakosha was superb. We took a goal, we could have avoid it, but we were a good team, we didn’t stop to play our game and we were aware we could overturn it, like it happened. Milinkovic was good in non possession  when we lined up on a 3-4-1-2. He was covering Torreira and our Luis Alberto and Immobile a bit ahead, then I put Caicedo in and pulled out Leva, not because he was not doing good, but he was under warning and another yellow could make him lose a game and I wanted to save him. So Milinkovic had to slide back between the two midfielders as Leiva did along with Parolo. 

Aside of the singles, everybody did well. Milinkovic did well. They did all well and the three subs did also really well

Should he didn’t score, we coaches know we were going to have doubts about him, but Caidedo deserved it as he works hard every single day and without Immobile he could have played more, he’s a serious guy and with this hectics he can do a lot more".