Felipe Caicedo spoke to Lazio Style Channel after the match against Sampdoria.

"The joy is big as this team is really good, we play well with a lot of intensity. I’m glad for the 3 points, for my mages, as we play well though we missed something for the last 2 games and today we did really well, fighting until the end and eventually we scored again.

Our manager told us we had to find our hunger back. We had to go back and play as we were used to. We had to show our will to win. That’s what we did until the end. We put Sampdoria in troubles in the final 10-15 minutes. Chances were I did score the winning goal and the team was doing good even before the 2 final substitutions, we have to keep on this way as we are strong.

We must be strong. I don’t want to talk about the VAR. This is weird as this is not football for us. We have to be stronger and don’t let the VAR pull nothing more from us.

The score is for my wife, my daughter, my family. I’m glad I scored this very important goal and we have to keep on this way".