Senad Lulic spoke to Lazio Style Channel after the match against Sampdoria.

"Usually at home we have our fans behind us so it is weird  this record so far. Football’s always weird. The important was to win and restart. it was our goal, we believed until the end. Scoring in the final seconds gives the win a special taste.

It was important as they never lost before. They won every home game so far and it was tough for us but we wanted this win and we believed until the end and when we were down by a goal, we were believing we could overturn it. This time something going for us happened after the 90th, football is so weird, we regret the 3 points lost at home with Fiorentina, but today it had been an important game for our spirit toward the next ones.

“Crisis” is a naive word, especially after a win and a tie. We go gave after game and it is natural since this Thursday we have one and again one more on Monday night. We have 7 games in 24 days. Once every 3 days. We have to be always ready this year in order to win them all.

We’re gonna try. We cut the table short today and we still have one game to play, against Udinese, and we came back on track and this is good for the spirit, scoring in the added time here and bring home the three points was absolutely not easy. We have a terrific group, we have motivation. Surely, everybody will play as it is impossible to play every 3 days. We know what to expect and we will try to do our best until the end".