"It was important, indeed. We won on a tough pitch, with saves, posts. After going down it was not easy to turn it around, so I congratulate the guys who never gave up", said Coach Inzaghi in his press conference.

The guys were really great. I changed the midfielders, I was happy with all of them, Leiva, Parolo and Milinkovic, the same Lulic was playing a good game, and I had changes to do and eventually, I pulled them 2, Leiva, was under a warning so Luis Alberto inion possession took Milinkovic’s position and Sergeh went to play over Leiva along with Parolo.

Rigth that. For us it is an important win because we wanted this after what it happened before. We know what happened. For us winning meant life, the guys stayed compact, united and they never gave up and won a game deserving.

I ask you to forgive me if in the past 2 weeks I was not smiling as usual, it is natural after something like that".