Felipe Anderson spoke to Lazio Style Channel after the match against Zulte.

"The mates got gradually used to see me around. I regret we didn’t bring home a win, but attitude matters. We tried to come back, equalizing, in a road game on a tough pitch. We have to check what’s to improve as we’re on the growing pattern, we’re a good team with good opportunities to exploit.

I’m glad I played without any pain, I feel nothing now and I have to improve my conditioning to be able to do even more.

Everybody know for me God and the family are the most important things in my life and I thank them to be always by my side. Today I saw many fans here and I thank them for coming. I’m happy for their support and we have to point high to make them happier.

We have several players who could play along and when they all understand how to put their qualities to the service of the team we can put in troubles every opponent. Leiva’s experience, Wallace’s strength, Nani’s experience, the will of the young Milinkovic and LuisAlberto. That is a great mix we are trying to blend all together and we can really achieve something exciting with everybody at the service of the team.

It’s a big responsibility making the younger play. Playing in europe, in our Serie A, practicing with top players, it is important to them and for us, they can help us with their freshness and we can teach them something more and I hope they always stay open to learn as we have a lot to teach".