"As of the first half, it was not one of our best, we were a bit too stretched though we had the feeling we could score and we had 2-3 chances, like the post hit by Immobile", said Coach Inzaghi in his press conference.

"And I felt we could still win the game though playing a very good team like Torino. Then, something intangibles conditioned the game and the team felt it had been stolen. In the second half, even though I made 3 changes, forcing the situation in order to change momentum. And we were 10, and then we lost Luis Alberto too and finished the game in 9. I wanted to switch to a 4-man line defense. The ball didn’t get out and we took the score on a rebound. I tried to change something. But I saw it in the locker room, it was like against Napoli with all those injuries. The is the 4th time it happens. We clearly watched what it did happen and for the 4th straight game it happened and it was tough to go to the guys and speak, because the first time you can do it, the second too, the third it is already different and the fourth, you saw it yourself.

Now we play on Thursday, we have to forget this Sunday soon but it will be my hardest week as a coach here at Lazio as the images are clear and smooth. It is the 4th game in a row it happens. Who’s behind it? Giacomeli? With DiBello at the VAR and who called him not to watch the foul? With the assistants? Yesterday they never waved the flag, when in doubts they always let the play on, it’s 3 games they don’t wave their flags. Tonight they reported me of a questionable offside that had been immediately called on us. We have to be good enough to forget it all soon. We have to think this is not an alibi, but tonight they made us lose it, so we feel to be right to tell. Anyway Lazio in first halves got used us to a better gameplay, but tonight they made us lose it.

It’s hard now to speak to the players. Every head coach raise his questions, start with the derby, the penalty is still unclear and we can’t see if Bastos really touched the opponent. Yes, his tackle is rough. Then they don’t see a penalty for us. They call the VAR and the ref while watching the penalty looks for an offside and thus wait to call the penalty. Then it comes the Fiorentina. Again a clear penalty on Parolo, and they invented a penalty call to Caicedo at the 94th. We go to Genoa, we equalized and they don’t call a clear penalty on Immobile when everybody saw the ball deflected, and when we score the winning goal they immediately go to watch for an offside. tonight again, a clear penalty with the same referee who last year at Torino conceded a penalty at the 94th to let Torino equalize the game 2-2. The same ref who didn’t see a clear penalty 5 yds away and who threw off Immobile when Burdisso said “we cleared the issue” and he told everybody this. Everybody was sure they were going to give us a penalty with the VAR and when they review the play they throw our player off. So, I was not able to keep my team chillin at the end of the first half, and then we were not able to focus anymore on it. Now we luckily play on Thursday, so to forget about this soon, then we play an important game at Atalanta. Now we have to play, leave these things in the past. We have to be good and restart as we are aware we did a lot to stay there and we have to keep on this way".