The S.S. Lazio spokesman Arturo Diaconale spoke to Lazio Style Channel after the match against Torino.

"We as a club are really offended after a series of weird behaviours who brought a clear damage to Lazio and now let us think and believe in a clear plan to hit our league’s path.

Technology is something used by humans. It seems they improperly used it. It may happen once, there should never be a second or you start to question their honesty, then, like Agatha Christie said, “3 clues makes a trial”, we got 4 now. And this shows a clear issue against Lazio and we can’t stay silent now, we have to protest and don’t let things like today happen anymore, it is unfair.

I’m officially speaking on behalf of the club, of the President and the team right now, as we all got out of this extremely hurt by unfair decisions. It is not fair for the players, they’re pros and work and commit and cannot be hurt in an unlawful way.

To our people we have to recommend not to do anything bad. The club will raise the voice of this complain and we will do it on behalf of our people too. We really wish this act will work toward the future in order to avoid such behaviours because as you could see there are parts in the game who can behave wrong and hit hard".