Dusan Basta spoke to Lazio Style Channel after the match against Cittadella.

"We were in need of this win. We had the rightest approach since the kickoff, we never put the game in question, we qualified to the next round and now we focus to Bergamo as we have a very important game.

Atalanta is a good team, like the other year, it won’t be easy for us, we have to prepare it well, like against the Samp, with this winning approach and with the short lines we can do good.

Lazio fans are great, we all saw it and we all see it everyday, they know and they are aware we put everything in every game, like the other year and all together we can do great things.

I’m glad for my game, when you win everybody is happy, physically I feel good, I’m not at my best yet, we have Felipe and Wallace back and it is good as we need the help of everybody".