The Head Coach Simone Inzaghi spoke to Lazio Style Channel after the match against Cittadella.

"We made a good game, the guys were good. On their course they killed Bologna and Spal, more, in Serie B they are in a good time with results and conditioning. Tonight’s game was important for us and the guys played it well.

I’m happy for Felipe and Immobile. Felipe stayed for more than a hour on the field and he did it with quality. I was questioning whether to play him, he took a bad hit against Torino, but yesterday he looked good in practice. I’m also happy for Wallace, Murgia and Patric who never disappoint when they’re called in action.

Tonight we had to line up a balanced team. Cittadella could put us in troubles. Leiva against the Samp and Torino got out earlier as he’s one game from a suspension, he’s precious to us. Today I made him play as their Chiaretti could be a pain and the brazilian did everything at the best.

We have to be good to put everything behind us. I know it is tough and tonight’s win won’t make us forget it. It is back now. I hammered my players on this and now we’re good. We look forward on Sunday’s game, many players involved today will be lined up against the Atalanta.

Luis Alberto is fine. tomorrow he should be back in the group and should tomorrow have the go he can be on the field on Sunday".