The Head Coach Simone Inzaghi held a press conference on the eve of Lazio's Serie A home match against Crotone.

"The priority is to get back to winning, because we’ve failed to do that too often in the league. We have a good chance tomorrow but we have to be determined because Crotone will be in the game. We’re obliged to improve our position in the table and we want to start doing that tomorrow.

It’s an intense Christmas week, we need to take things one game at a time. I saw Pitagorici’s game against ChievoVerona: they were in good shape, and I’ve always admired Zenga.

Milinkovic is 22-years-old and he’s doing well, so it’s normal he’ll attract interest. I talk to him every day, he’s really happy here. When there’s interest in our players, it means we’re doing well; last year Sergej signed a long new contract with us. We’re talking about a very young player who has both quality and physicality. I hope Milinkovic can become even better than Pogba, who is definitely one of the best".