The Head Coach Simone Inzaghi spoke to Lazio Style Channel after the match against Atalanta.

"We got down 3 times, we got back 3 times to Atalanta, against the best Atalanta of the season according to their manager and it wasn’t easy. We were good enough, and now we have to be good to recover our energy as we come from 3 games in a single week and we look forward now.

I could have got on the pitch by a single yard or less complaining for that foul that was an apparent red, I think they should not be so pretending, I didn’t un respect anybody and I regret to leave my team alone.

We had a hard work to do when we tied at 3, but I was there by the tunnel and he sent me down and I watched the last 7 minutes in the lockers.

Initially Atalanta didn’t allow us to play much. We got down by 2 scores and then we woke up and started to play, with good ideas and we eventually tie at 2. Then we allowed the penalty and we were again good enough to put it back on track, then we conceded Gomez a shot, our last counter. It had been a lovely game, something really good for our football. That’s good.

Sometimes when you don’t win you should be happy with a single point. Don’t forget we played on a tough pitch, as in Bergamo many will be in troubles. I talked to Gasperini earlier and he said it was the best Atalanta of the season and we tried to push back every offensive play, every goal against. Now we enjoy this huge reaction as the guys really struggled to never give up and they deserve a high position in the table and we don’t want to give up anything.

Well, we played really a lot this year and we have to recover some of the guys who were off as they are all important to us and they could be useful for rotating so that each time I can line up the best possible team ever".