Thomas Strakosha spoke to Lazio Style Channel after the match against Atalanta.

"I contributed to this single point though I wanted a win and I’ve taken 3 goals, I regret it, I would love to help more my team and don’t take any goal against, but I would also love to see the Lazio we were used to and, as we got aware we never give up, and really only a few teams are able to go down by 2 scores and put the game back on tie within the same half, I believe we can aim at the highest spots in the table.

Atalanta is a great team. Only a few were able to put us in trouble so far. Atalanta was really good. we are really strong but we allowed them a lot in the first 20 minutes and also allowed a double score. This is a mistake we must never make anymore because we’re strong, and we must believe, this Lazio must work on confidence something we must never do without.

I like to play against some national mate, Berisha is a great goalkeeper, I like him a lot but everybody looks to his own team, to his own career.

I like when my mates play with me as this keeps me hot and alive on the pitch and when we score you can look at my celebrations, I did really want to win with my team".