The Head Coach Simone Inzaghi held a press conference after Lazio's Serie A match against Atalanta.

"We must go with this because we played a good team, and this time our opponent didn’t play a mid-week game like it usually happens as they didn’t play Coppa Italia and we knew we could find some issues, but our reaction was really important as we went down 3 times and we were able to put it back on track 3 times. In my opinion it was a great game and many teams will struggle here in Bergamo, and Atalanta last season didn’t finish 4th by chance.

Gomez is good to find the right gap himself and he was not dangerous only against us. He shifts the balance of a game and tonight was really good. We should have done much more against him, but sometimes when you have such an opponent it is not an issue of your defenders but his credit".