Wallace Fortuna spoke to Lazio Style Channel after the match against Udinese.

"It’s worth a lot for my confidence, for the fans, for the coach. After Chievo’s we watched the film, reviewing our mistakes, my mistakes, what I have to do, what I don’t. I’m glad for tonight’s game. I like to play more on the left, as it is easier because I’m a left-footed. We play well and I always do what the coach tells, playing wherever he asks me for.

We’re glad as the younger ones carefully listen to the veterans and understand our advices. I like it because many time young people don’t listen at all to you. We all respect each other here. We play and have all fun together. When somebody makes a mistake is immediately reproached but only to correct his mistake and improve. And this is the way to really reach the top.

We have to manage it right, the recover is hard but we are focused. The coaching staff is doing good and we are doing good as well, we can do good in this season. We’re happy because they don’t always play much and when they make it on the field they are good and tonight they scored and contributed to this win. They have a strong technique, it is fun to watch them play, I wish they keep on help Lazio win every game ahead".