Coach Simone Inzaghi spoke to Lazio Style Channel after the match against Udinese.

"We’ve been good, it was not easy as Udinese was in a good time, it is a physical team with important players and we were called to play our game and that it is. Watching players with this attitude makes me pride of them. They are the good ones, everybody. They deserve nights like this, this is an award of their week long hectic job.

We made the game we were supposed to play. Trying to take on opportunities. Now we need to find back our energy for the next one. I greeted Oddo. We didn’t see before the game, we wished good luck but that’s it.

We have to be good in the coming doubleheader. They’re fundamental for us and now AcMilan is on a growing path, Gattuso is doing good and the team has got quality, we have to play them in the best way. I say it again, for a coach that’s the top. I was confident as the guys trains seriously, with dedication and these are the right rewards to them".